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Eliminate all of the buzzwords and hype, and basic marketing will break down to this: Do… what… works! It’s that simple. True, what worked a decade ago might not work today—but then again, it just might. Traditional advertising strategies are so named because they have been around for a while; they have withstood the test of time because they work.

Advertising should be more than a hole in the wall you toss handfuls of money toward. The goal of advertising should be two-fold: Help your business get noticed and drive results. Traditional media buying can be a great way to do exactly that. Our marketing strategies are built with your specific customers and desired marketing outcomes in mind. Despite new players such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat taking over the scene, many of your customers still do things like watch TV, read the newspaper, and open their mail! Shocking right? Traditional advertising helps reach people where they are at by establishing a presence that is noticed off-screen.

Our goal is to be more than just an outsourced service for your business; we want to be an extension of your business as your marketing team. And as a member of your team, our goal is to build the most effective marketing campaign with full consideration of your budget. Our relationships with media groups in the Pacific Northwest allow us to negotiate the best rate possible for all advertising platforms in radio, TV, print, and earned media. Because we are a full-service agency, we do it all! Granier Marketing produces content, video, scripts and storyboards, and advertising design that reflects your creative style and brand—all with the end goal of getting results!

Print advertising targets your ads toward specific markets who read print publications such as newspapers and magazines. Depending on your demographic and advertising goals, print mediums can be a cost-effective advertising channel to help your business establish a personal presence in non-digital media.

We bet if you think about it, you can remember some commercials from products you saw on TV or heard on the radio from when you were a kid! Television and radio advertising can be an effective way to reach your target market and make a long-lasting impression by meeting them right where they are at when watching their favorite show or listening to the radio in the car. We’re able to maximize our relationships with traditional media sources throughout Idaho and Washington to secure the best rates for ad placement and minimize impact to your budget.

The thing about computer or phone screens is that they go dark when not in use. Billboards never do; they are always on! Billboards can be an effective way to build brand awareness by advertising in prime locations selected specifically for your target market to maximize exposure to your brand and messaging.

Direct Mail
One of the most tried and true marketing methods is direct mail advertising. There is just something about a personalized piece of mail that makes a person feel valued and important. That’s a message you want your business to send! Our marketing team has the knowledge to help you work through the postal service to deliver your custom marketing materials directly to your customers’ mailboxes.

Earned Media
Contrary to paid media advertising, earned media can help your business gain publicity through shared content from your online or physical presence. In simpler terms, when your business or its online content is shared via newspaper article, receives an online mention, is linked to by another website, or reposted/shared from other companies or marketers, that media was earned and not paid for. We have established relationships with media sources and can build connections within your specific industry to earn publicity for your company across platforms.

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