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If you’re checking out a new business or product, where do you go to get information? Unless you have a direct, personal connection to someone with that company, you most likely answered: “Their website.” A company’s website is the most reliable source of information about the products and services provided. In addition, it’s also a major marketing piece—an opportunity for you not only to share information, but also to impact the way that customers/clients feel about your business. Typically, more than 90 percent of a prospective customer’s first impression about your business is based on your web design. It’s true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make it count!

One of the most important ways that your brand creates resonance with the public is through your website. So when you consider how to build your web presence, you can’t just grab a design template and expect it to fit your unique vision. A great website has both form and function. It is important to incorporate elements that are aesthetically pleasing and tell your company’s story visually through branding. But it also must be functional, user-friendly, and intuitive enough that it is easy for your customers to find the information they’re looking for.

We can create a custom website for your business or improve the one you already have, building in both elements of form and function and ensuring that your website is the premium marketing piece for your company. Every other marketing strategy you utilize will ultimately point back to your website, so it is critical that it is well designed, optimized for viewing on a mobile device, and incorporates elements that will help you show up in Google searches through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which will ultimately drive clients to your website.

Web design/development services we provide include:

  • Creative design to match your branding
  • Content development
  • Site mapping of pages and navigation
  • ADA compliance for accessibility
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Responsive design for viewing on mobile devices
  • eCommerce elements for sales online
  • Analytics

Meta tags, and HTML, and API… Oh My! Don’t worry about figuring this stuff out. Let our web design team help you design your new custom website today.

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