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You have to know where you’re headed in order to know when you’ve arrived. Results are achieved when a well-developed and well-executed plan culminates, therefore a marketing plan begins with strategy for how to get there. The first phase in this process is understanding you and your business goals. The team at Granier Marketing prides itself on the attention paid to this particular step. We can’t serve your business to the best of our ability by pulling out some boilerplate marketing plan and trying to make it fit. We become your marketing team, working from within your company’s overall vision to develop a strategy that suits your unique needs.

But honestly, it doesn’t really matter how brilliant that strategy is, if it isn’t driving results. So, once the plan has been developed and executed, the final phase involves analytics. We’re not talking about a once a quarter report we send to you with bells, whistles, wingdings, and whatchamacallits. Results actually matter—they drive the marketing plan and inform whether the plan is working, missing the mark, or needs to change direction. We conduct frequent assessments using analytical tools that are constantly analyzing and measuring the success of the marketing strategies we’ve implemented—minute-by-minute, click-by-click. We will ensure that you understand what the analytics are telling us in a way that is entirely results-oriented. This stuff isn’t complicated and we promise not to make it harder than it needs to be. A plan—your plan—is a result of collaboration with the Granier Marketing team, driven by your unique business needs, matched with your specific business goals, to yield actual results that affect your company’s bottom line. Simple as that.

Granier Marketing begins the strategic marketing process by analyzing your company’s mission, vision, and values, as well as the company culture. We need to know who you are if we’re going to be a part of your team! We audit all communication and marketing materials that are currently being utilized to help form a comprehensive picture of your business.

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Once we know who you are, we take a hard look at who your customers are. When building a marketing strategy, one of the most crucial components is understanding your client base on a deep level: who are they, what do they value, and what do you provide for them that no one else can?

Your marketing plan consists of a variety of components that are each aligned with a specific outcome that you hope to reach. One size does not fit all! We begin with the results you hope to attain and work backward, using both your company’s values and your customers’ values to drive the strategic design and specific marketing tactics.

Your company’s brand should reflect its values and also those of the clients you serve. Your brand is your story and it is the most important part of your overall marketing plan. Granier Marketing can help you develop a brand strategy with visual and relational representation that creates authentic connection with your clients. Don’t have a logo or a developed brand? We can help.

With a well-developed plan, execution is easy. We design every marketing piece in alignment with the overall brand strategy and marketing plan for your company. We will design materials that turn heads, get attention, and yield the results we’re aiming for from your marketing campaign. From advertisements, printed materials, social media posts, or even a physical display, our graphic design experts know exactly how to build a piece that resonates with your customers and elicits action.

You can’t tell if you hit your mark if you’re just shooting into the dark. So how do we know if it worked? Analytics. Every marketing strategy is designed with measurement in mind. Regular analysis is built in to every strategy to ensure that your tactics are getting results. We will share that analysis with you all along the way, in easy-to-understand, results-based reporting that ensures that the plan is doing what you want it to.

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